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CCG has secured over 55 million in gifts, donations, grants, and sponsorships since 1999.

CCG has provided excellent grant writing services to assist our organization in furthering its mission. The team uses critical research skills in order to find grants that match our funding needs, and then provides a strategic and thoughtful approach to the narrative. The final result is a polished professional grant package ready for submission. I highly recommend CCG and am grateful to have them as a partner in helping us secure the ongoing funding our organization.

Phat Daddy, Inc.

My experience has been that CCG’s turnaround is very quick. I would usually get drafts back within a week at most unless we had agreed upon a different time frame. The team is very responsive, and is also efficient, organized and extremely easy to work with. They are quick to respond to any emails or phone calls and is responsible. CCG has never missed a deadline and has a great writing team.

Walk in Steps, Inc.,

The team is full of talented writers who are responsible and easy to work with. I realize CCG has other clients, yet I feel that the team pays attention to my needs individually. They are highly responsive when I call or email, generally responding the same day if not within hours. I get drafts back quickly and efficiently and CCG works with minimal direction once a program is established.

Crossroad Church, CA

During COVID, I lost my job and I wanted to start a non-profit. I reached out to CCG to help me get my tax exempt status. It took less than 90 days!! CCG made it simple. Thank you so much for your help!

Janet C.

Chris and his team helped me reach my 2022 fundraising goal of $50,000! I couldn't have done it without his help.
The Gamblin Group, TX

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